About Us

The Fairfield Chamber of Commerce, an association of business and professional people, promotes a climate for business that enhances the economic vitality and quality of life in Fairfield.

Founded in 1946 by a handful of business owners, the Chamber’s membership includes a variety of businesses and organizations, which represent the highest standards of excellence … and as such, the Chamber encourages residents and visitors alike, to shop local.

The Chamber is an integral part of the Fairfield community and helps foster economic development where all businesses succeed together. Acting as a resource, partner and advocate, the Chamber attracts businesses through strong membership alliances, innovative educational programs and creates opportunities to effectively grow a business. The Chamber is the essential gateway, providing the resources, tools and access for businesses to be successful … and stay in Fairfield.


Welcome to the Fairfield Chamber of Commerce website. The Fairfield Chamber of Commerce works closely with business leaders and town officials to help foster area economic development by serving as your advocate on key issues, policy or legislative proposals, and also represents a strong voice for the business community. The Chamber is your gateway and trusted resource for partnership and information. We will:

  • Assist in growing your business.
  • Arrange introductions to business owners.
  • Help gain access to business leaders and town officials.
  • Provide an overview and profile of the community.
  • Identify business opportunities.
  • Reinforce “Shop Local” theme throughout the community.

Mission Statement:

Building Relationships, Building Business

Our mission statement defines the purpose of the Chamber in just a few words: Building Relationships, Building Business. Establishing relationships is the first, and final, key to achieving business success … and that’s exactly what the Chamber does. By providing venues for introductions, events for networking, opportunities to work together on committees, the Chamber provides a variety of platforms to answer the most important question: How can we work together to grow our business? That’s the Chamber’s mission: Build Relationships to Build Business.

Fairfield Chamber of Commerce

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